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English Studies, BA and MA

Zdjęcie ilustracyjne

BA programmes

The English Studies programme offer s acombination of practical English courses and field-specific seminars and lectures (British and American literature and culture, language acquisition, linguistics, contrastive and descriptive grammar).On completion of the three-year study programme, the student will obtain a BA diploma and will have gained knowledge of Anglophone literature, culture, and linguistics. Theundergraduate will have productive skills at C1 level in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (IELTS band: 8). The student will be able to continue English studies in the MAprogramme.

MA programmes

Graduate students can select one of the following programmes:

  1. Language–Culture–Literature
  2. TranslationStudies
  3. Editing andPublishing

Each programme offers unique specialisation courses which targetthe latest developments in Anglophone mass media, culture, politics, literature and society (1), translation and interpretation in theory and practice (2), and copy-editing, textual scholarship, digital and desktop publishing, and Anglophone book and magazine analysis (3).

The BA and MA programmes in English are also available as part-time studies.

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