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About “Litteraria Copernicana”


Focus and Scope

Litteraria Copernicana is an academic journal edited at the Faculty of Languages, Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland, which was established in 2008. Until the end of 2015 (numbers 1-16) the journal was published in semi-annual mode, and since 2016 it has been issued as a quarterly.

The periodical presents original and valuable works in the history of literature, literary theory and history and theory of culture (including theater studies, film studies, art history and broadly understood humanities). Each issue of the journal is of monographic character and is edited by specialists dealing with the subject matter of the volume.

The main core of Litteraria Copernicana is the „Articles” section, which publishes works that are the result of original and innovative research by authors. The „Masters” are also a fixed section of the quarterly that presents the profiles and achievements of recognized researchers, as well as „Reviews” presenting newly released books. Depending on the number, in the quarterly there are also such sections as „Materials and Archivals”, „Interviews” or „Varia” – articles usually going beyond the thematic framework of a given number.

Authors and number editors include researchers from both the Toruń academic and cultural milieu as well as researchers form other national and foreign universities and cultural institutions.

ISSN print   1899-315X
ISSN online 2392-1617