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Dear All,

We kindly invite you to submit papers to a new linguistic Linguistica Copernicana.

The journal publishes papers coming from all branches of linguistics: general and specific, synchronic and historical. The articles are accepted in Polish and other Slavic languages, as well as in English, German and French.

To ensure a high standard of the journal, the submitted texts undergo the process of double-blind review (rules of reviewingreview formlist of reviewers for 2019).

The Editorial Team has accepted and applies principles of publication ethics in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

The journal welcomes all linguists.

There is no deadline for paper submission; the journal is published annually.

Attached, please find detailed information for authors, concerning rules of text preparation for print.

We would like to express our gratitude towards the members of Linguistica Copernicana Editorial Board for agreeing to patronize our journal. The authority of numerous distinct scholars will aid our publishing endeavor and our concern over the substantive level of our journal.

The journal provides Open Access to its content under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-ND 3.0): http://apcz.pl/czasopisma/index.php/LinCop.

Linguistica Copernicana is indexed in ERIH PLUS, CEJSH, ICI Journal Master List (Index Copernicus), EZB Electronic Journal Library, PBN/POL-index and EBSCO.


Kind regards

Maciej Grochowski 
Editorial Secretary
Magdalena Żabowska