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Program DSSL 4

  Thursday, 13th of June Friday, 14th of June
09.00–09.30 The registration & the opening of the conference Wojciech Guz – Marking direct speech with iż(e), iżci and że in Polish in the 15th, 16th and 21st centuries
09.30–10.00 Beáta Györfi – A topical problem: subjects, word order and clitics in Old Russian Chronicles Simeon Dekker – Discourse organization in East Slavic reported speech: Greek influence vs. vernacular habits
10.00–10.30 Pavel Kosek, Radek Čech & Olga Navrátilová – On the development of the Czech pronominal enclitics in the finite VP in Older Czech Bible Imke Mendoza – Topicalization strategies in Old Russian Literacy
10.30–11.00 Марфа Н. Толстая – Фразовые клитики в одном украинском говоре Восточной Словакии Coffee break
11.00–11.30 Andrea Di Manno – The placement of OCS clitic particles as a way in OCS information-structure Master lecture 2: Björn Wiemer – Univerbation and scope in the development of Polish and Russian clause-initial connectives
11.30–12.00 Coffee break
12.00–12.30 Master lecture 1: Светлана М. Толстая – Глагольное управление и семантика отглагольных имен Wojciech Stelmach – The syntactic sequences as a manner of translation of latin textes in 16th-centuried Polish (based on Historyja bardzo cudna o stworzeniu nieba i ziemie)
12.30–13.00 Diana Stolac – Attribute between the traditional syntax and utterance organization in old Kajkavian Croatian language
13.00–13.30 Lunch (Manekin) Lunch (Pierogarnia Stary Młyn)
15.00–15.30 Sandra Birzer – Distinguishing between narration and the utterances of protagonists: on the function of accusativus cum infinitivo and code-switches on the history of Polish verba dicendi Ольга Курьянова – Влияние семантики прилагательного на его место в линейном порядке в старославянском, древнерусском и старорусском языке
15.30–16.00 Agnieszka Słoboda & Piotr Sobotka – The origin of the Slavic infinitive and the development of its syntactic functions Aleksandra Deskur – Sentence structure and extra-linguistic reality
16.00–16.30 Marcin Podlaski – Contextual determinants of three dative functions in older Slavic languages Coffee break
16.30–17.00 Coffee break Christine Grillborzer – The case of Russian lučše (‘had better’) construction – diachronic account
17.00–17.30 Tomasz Mika – How to establish the boundary of a sentence in medieval vernacular texts? Methodological queries Daniel Sax – The pathway to Polish to: from deixis to quantification to information structure
17.30–18.00 Anna Kozłowska – Interpretation of utterances in old artistic texts: the case of Cyprian Norwid (1821–1883) The conclusion of the conference
18.00–18.30 Dinner